Putney Orientation A Success!

This summer’s amazing team of leaders for our summer programs abroad for high school students descended on the Putney Barn last weekend for the season’s final preparations.  They participated in detailed summer program briefings, explored their students’ files, and even fit in a little fun and relaxation.  Read on for more details and a deep cut of the many incredible photos snapped during our Orientation Weekend. 

Each year we are astounded by the talents, energy, and expertise of the remarkable leaders of our summer community service, adventure travel, pre-college, and language immersion programs.  Summer 2012 is no different.  We’ve gathered a diverse crew that boasts fluency in some 23 languages and travel experiences the world over.  There are alumni from some of the country’s best universities, as well as, Teach for America, the Peace Corps, and AmeriCorps. Our summer student travel program leaders have been chosen as Peace Fellows, Fulbright Fellows, and received funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities.  They have made documentary films, run marathons, and may even dabble with a ukulele now and again.  For a full account of their exploits and achievements, be sure to check out this summer’s student travel Leader Bulletin.

We have included below some of the best photos from the inspiring, productive, and fun-filled weekend.  We hope you enjoy these scenes of Putney’s  Leader Orientation as much as we do!


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