Cultural Exploration

On Putney’s Cultural Exploration programs, students get an insider’s view of some of the world’s most interesting places and cultures by actively participating in engaging and challenging experiences, rather than being passive observers from seats on a bus. They broaden their perspectives, build on their talents, learn new skills, engage with local people, and come to understand themselves and their own culture better. We have Cultural Exploration programs in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania. See the world as a traveler and explorer—not a tourist!

Cultural Exploration programs take students to world-renowned art centers, sites of vital historical and cultural interest, cutting edge theatre festivals, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and some of the world’s most spectacular wilderness landscapes. We balance city life with small town living, and active adventure with in-depth cultural immersion.

“I did things I never thought I was capable of doing. Finishing a stage of Italy’s via ferrata and our bike trip in Holland gave me a real sense of accomplishment. I gained self confidence and became a more independent person because I truly experienced a different culture.”

-Isabelle Sakhaie, Great Neck North High School, Kings Point, NY

Students live with a homestay family for a week on a New Zealand sheep farm, experience the Renaissance treasures of Florence’s Uffizi museum, navigate a boat through the Whitsunday Islands, snorkel with sea turtles on Belize’s barrier reef, write short stories inspired by the streets of Dublin or Prague, catch the finish of the Tour de France in Paris, or harvest heirloom tomatoes on an organic farm in Umbria. They explore new landscapes, engage with local people, delve into a topic of interest, and come home with a better understanding of themselves and their place on this ever-changing planet.

Cultural Exploration Destinations:

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji


Costa Rica

Farm to Table in Italy

Switzerland, Italy, France, Holland 


Writing in Ireland

Writing in Prague


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