Pre-College Enrichment Destinations

Amherst College | Barcelona | FlorenceLondon |  Madrid | Paris | Shanghai

Putney’s Pre-College enrichment programs are for motivated and intellectually curious students who seek a bridge to the freedom of college in a structured and supportive campus or study abroad environment.  Pursue a passion that you don’t have time for during your busy school year and learn for the sake of learning– away from the pressure and limitations of traditional school. Summer Pre-College programs are informal and supportive environments, perfect for exploring a new subject such as Dance, Business and Economics, or Photography, or developing an existing interest in Creative Writing or Art History. An atmosphere that promotes active involvement, creativity, and a sense of community leads to a summer filled with learning, exploration, adventure, and fun! We offer Pre-College Enrichment programs in North America and Europe.

“Alice gained confidence in her ability to develop relationships with a wide array of people. Putney Pre-College does a fantastic job of giving a sense of freedom while still maintaining adequate boundaries and supervision to keep kids safe.”

— Fiona and Randy Woods, St. Louis, MO

Campus life

Putney Pre-College students live in dormitories in a campus setting, with easy access to world-class facilities and cultural sites that become your “classroom” for intellectual exploration. Choose one college-style seminar (two at Amherst College) that is dynamic and stimulating, incorporating guest lecturers, field trips, active discussion, role playing, and group projects.   In the afternoons and evenings, enjoy sports, excursions, and other activities led by our staff.

Field-based seminars

Pre-College is not “school.” Whether at Amherst College, or in London, Paris, Florence, Madrid, or Barcelona, our small, hands-on seminars let you interact with people and places that inspire.  Rather than traditional academic lectures and tests, Putney Pre-College puts active discussion and field-based inquiry at center stage.  Go beyond the walls of a traditional classroom with energetic, inspired instructors and new friends who share your sense of motivation, adventure, and engagement with college-level subject matter.


Selected from all fifty states and many foreign countries, students share a commitment to personal and intellectual growth. Students and faculty share responsibility for shaping the unique communities that make our programs special. Pre-College faculty live on campus with their students, and participate in all aspects of the life of the program, including the many events and activities outside of the seminars. Outside of class, faculty and students work together to organize events that are fun and rewarding for athletes, artists, musicians, video buffs, dancers, and writers alike.

Link two cities

Putney’s international Pre-College programs are designed to fit together seamlessly. Link two of your favorite cities and seminars to create your own summer. Transition easily from campus to campus with Putney’s escorted connecting travel. Deduct $1,000 from your tuition when you attend two Putney programs in the same summer.

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