Global Awareness in Action

Global Awareness in Action programs are designed to provide motivated students with a unique perspective on critical global challenges in the context of specific countries, local communities, and unique cultures. Each high school travel program has an issue focus such as public health, sustainable development, or community building. These programs offer an unparalleled opportunity to learn firsthand about serious concerns facing humanity, such as education, poverty, HIV/AIDS, public health, recent histories of conflict and genocide, and environmental conservation. We offer Global Awareness in Action programs in Asia and Africa.

“My expectations for the program was to be immersed in Cambodian culture, learn about the people, and document my findings. The program certainly exceeded my expectations: our experiences were life changing and I returned home with a new found understanding of the struggles developing nations face.  Whether it was at the Phare circus school or the countless amazing NGOs we met along the way, I enjoyed the depth and breadth of the experiences we had in Cambodia.” 

— Jared Dauman, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Chappaqua, NY

At the start of each program, meet with local students or a youth group to identify key issues of mutual concern. Explore these issues during several weeks in your host country, meeting with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), talking to local people, visiting clinics, community centers, and orphanages, conducting informal field research, and working on relevant service projects. Participants have an opportunity to interact with some of the people who are actually on the ground and getting things done: international volunteers and aid workers, government representatives, teachers, community leaders, activists, and individuals and families directly affected by the topic issues. To further focus your research, choose an independent project within the larger program theme. Throughout your fieldwork, discuss your questions and observations in focus groups.

At the end of the program, reconvene with your local peers to share your reflections and insights in a discussion facilitated by your leaders and regional experts. Explore opportunities for future action and continued involvement in response to some of the world’s most nuanced and interwoven challenges.

Global Awareness in Action programs demand exceptional commitment and maturity from group members, who must be tough, adaptable, prepared to live simply, and enthusiastic about taking advantage of unforeseen challenges and opportunities. The Global Awareness in Action approach is unique, combining intellectual inquiry and hands-on interaction, resulting in 20 to 40 community service hours.

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