Leader Application

Fill out our Online Application for Summer 2015 employment.


We begin reviewing applications on December 1st, and hold interviews through April until all positions are filled. If you are interested in working as a leader or instructor, we encourage you to submit your application materials early in our hiring cycle. We prefer to interview candidates in person, but will offer Skype interviews as needed.


All of our 2015 programs have safely returned.  We will begin taking applications in December for leadership positions in 2016.  Please check our website throughout November for updates on the programs being offered next summer.


If you are interested in joining the Putney Team this summer, please take the time to learn more about the high school or middle school summer programs you may be qualified to lead. Please also read through leader bios from previous summers to get a good sense of the kind of qualifications that we are looking for.

If you meet our eligibility requirements and want to explore the possibility of working for Putney, please proceed to our online application.


In the boxes below please fill in your full name, phone number, and email address.  Then, select one of the four branches of programs you are most interested and qualified to lead.  Regardless of which branch you select, all candidates will be considered for all available positions between Putney, Pre-College, Foundations, and National Geographic Student Expeditions. Please note, only candidates with significant experience living, working, or traveling through Cuba will be considered for those programs.  Preference will be given to those applicants with additional experience related to Spanish language, Documentary Media, and/or Cuban music, dance, life, and culture.

In the text box, please list the three programs/countries you are the most qualified for.  If you are applying for a Pre-College position, you must also list which seminars you are interested in teaching.

Finally, your resume and cover letter must be named appropriately in order for us to most efficiently process your application.  Include your full name and the title of the document in the file name as shown in the examples below.

On your resume, be sure to highlight any and all of your language abilities, as well as time spent in countries outside of the U.S., specifically the countries you are interested in leading programs to.  If you are contacted for an interview,  you can expect that part of the interview will be conducted in the target language of the program you are applying for.

Joe Smith – Resume.pdf
Joe Smith – Cover Letter.pdf
Sarah Jones – Resume.pdf
Sarah Jones – Cover Letter.pdf


Please indicate which branch of Putney Student Travel you are most interested in. Please note that you WILL be considered for all branches