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Welcome to Putney’s 63rd season!

Hello from Vermont’s capital, Montpelier!

After over thirty years of co-directing Putney Student Travel with my parents and my brother, I have taken a leave of absence to serve as Vermont’s 81st Governor. We have a long tradition of community service at Putney, and I am proud to redirect that focus to the people of the State of Vermont.

While I enjoy directing public policy, creating change is cumbersome in government when compared to the significant difference we make so quickly in the lives of Putney participants. Each year, many alumni report that their time with Putney was “the best summer of my life,” and their parents describe their child’s growth as “far exceeding the benefits of a year at school.”

The maturity, self-confidence, global perspective, and sensitivity towards others that participants develop are derived from close friendships, personal discovery, and the tremendous satisfaction of conquering new challenges. It is a privilege to serve as Governor, but I miss the creativity, imagination, and innovation that distinguish the greater Putney family. I enjoy keeping in close contact with the team at the Putney Barn who do so much to challenge and change our students each summer.

Governor Peter Shumlin, Co-Director


Hello from the Putney Barn!

While Peter may not be here on a daily basis as he serves Vermonters, George and Kitty Shumlin, Putney Student Travel’s founders and our parents, still stop by the Putney Barn on a daily basis as they have every day since they retired over 25 years ago. They remind us to stay true to our philosophy which dates back to the first Putney program to Europe they led in 1951. “Remember to encourage them to be travelers, not tourists!” they say. “And get them off the beaten track!”

We are excited to have diversified our Pre-College enrichment offerings for 2014, giving students more flexibility to choose them as short intensive seminars, and to combine locations and topics. Sessions at Amherst College and in Paris, Oxford, Madrid, Barcelona, and Tuscany can stand alone or can be combined to create a dynamic summer of learning and fun.

Little has changed here since our parents led that first program.  We want to thank our thousands of loyal alumni, alumni families, and program leaders for their contributions to the development of our unique educational programs and to the international reputation for quality and integrity that we cherish…and, of course, we extend a special thanks to our parents for choosing this satisfying path for our family so many years ago.

Jeffrey Shumlin, Co-Director

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