Why Choose Putney?

We believe that an essential component of every young person’s education is passionate engagement with the world in the company of carefully selected peers—an experience that goes far beyond looking out the window of a teen tour bus. Each year, alumni report that their summer travel program was, “the best summer of my life,” and parents describe their child’s growth as “far exceeding the benefits of a year at school.”

As Putney Student Travel enters its 64th summer, the features that have long set our programs apart are clear.

64 Years of Experience

Putney’s track record of delivering active, educational, safe, and fun programs has given parents and participants confidence for 64 years.

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Outstanding Leadership

Putney leaders and instructors are mature, fun, energetic, creative, safety-conscious, and knowledgeable college graduates. For a complete set of bios of 2014 leaders, visit the Meet Our Leaders page.

Innovative Programming

Putney offers a diverse range of summer opportunities, and takes pride in careful, thorough preparation and attention to detail.

Personal Attention

Putney is a small, family-run organization. We enjoy getting to know participants and their families on an individual basis, and maintain those relationships long past when programs end.

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Emphasis on Group Dynamics

Putney students learn leadership skills, take ownership of their programs, and make life-long friends in a supportive group environment.

An Atmosphere of Structure

Putney participants spend the majority of their time in structured activities. Basic rules ensure safety, mutual trust, and respect within the group, and these rules are a priority.

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Hands-on Activities

There’s nothing passive about a Putney program. Whether in a village in India or at Amherst College, participants are actively engaged.

A Philosophy of Good Stewardship

Putney is committed to the communities that we visit around the world. Participants are held to high standards with regards to their effect on local ecology and community.