Travel with Putney

Putney Student Travel partners with schools and other organizations to create customized experiential education programs for student groups. Putney has been a leader in educational travel since 1951, and our team collaborates with educators to design programs which leverage our local expertise and travel experience to meet curricular goals.  

For more than six decades, our team has facilitated deep immersion experiences and rare interactions on journeys off the beaten track, across the globe. We empower young people to explore with curiosity and empathy in an increasingly globalized world, and enable greater understanding of complex issues that will shape our future.

Putney collaborators can count on:

  • Comprehensive experience in over 30 countries
  • Extensive networks of global contacts cultivated over the course of six decades
  • Impeccable record of safety and risk management
  • Broad liability insurance coverage
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Expert group leaders with specialized skills, education, and experience

Partners may choose a destination and combine diverse themes such as service learning, language immersion, creative writing, ecology and conservation, or history, and our directors will collaborate with you to design a unique program to meet your curricular goals. Whether you wish to examine models of rural healthcare in Rwanda, build houses alongside villagers in Vietnam, develop your poetry skills in Ireland, survey art history in Italy, or develop your Spanish in Ecuador, there is a Putney program for your group.

We have collaborated with Putney on five travel programs now, and each one has been safe, well organized, and has provided my colleagues and students with a true immersion experience. The most rewarding aspect though, is to see the students return with an expanded view of their place in the world and an ongoing commitment to global understanding.

— Cathy Bottoms, Teacher, Memorial High School, Houston, TX

To inquire about partnership with Putney, contact Jeff at, or call 802.387.5000.