Over the past year, Putney’s program leaders and alumni have been busy achieving remarkable milestones in the writing world. We’re thrilled to highlight a selection of their outstanding publications here.

1. Publications Exploring Life’s Depths

Dimitri Staszewski has led several programs with Putney and our collaborations—most recently, our Iceland program with National Geographic Student Travel. His latest endeavor, a compelling photo book titled Close to the Bayou, delves into the theme of “artmaking in the face of death.” We previously featured Dimitri’s inaugural cookbook, which celebrated the culinary legacy of his 101-year-old Italian immigrant grandmother, in this 2022 blog post.

2. From Volcanoes to Vineyards

Hawaii-based author, Jeffrey P. Mix, assistant directed our Pre-College Tuscany program and taught the Creative Writing seminar, in addition to leading our Middle School Italy & Greece program. He recently launched his travel/humor memoir, Have You Seen My Soulmate?, emphasizing Italy’s significance in the book, particularly in Siena and Florence.

3. Indigenous Tourism

A longtime member of the Putney family, Michael Harmon recently had his article on indigenous tourism published in the New York Times. Michael started as a student on our Pre-College Amherst program before attending Amherst College. He eventually became a leader on our Pre-College Amherst program, and currently makes occasional appearances on staff at our Oxford Academia programs!

4. Celebrated Memoirist & Novelist

Tessa Fontaine is an acclaimed author known for her memoir “The Electric Woman,” which received multiple accolades, including being named a New York Times Editors’ Choice and a Southern Living Best Book of 2018. Her debut novel “The Red Grove” is set to be published by FSG in May 2024. Tessa led our Writing in the American South and Career Prague programs.

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