Adam’s love for visual arts began in childhood, filming short videos with his brothers and experimenting in photography with his father’s old film camera. Growing up in a family of Colombian and Polish immigrants, he learned that in order to pursue his love of storytelling he would need valuable business skills in order to be a successful creator. He pursued business administration at the College of William and Mary while also studying Hispanic Studies abroad in Argentina and on the U.S.-Mexico border. Upon graduation, he began solo bikepacking across the U.S. and documenting his travels, eventually being featured in National Geographic Travel. That trip solidified Adam’s passion for adventure storytelling and since then he’s documented stories in places like Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and the American West for clients like the New York Times, Insider, and Patagonia. He is also a member of Diversify Photo. Fluent in English, Polish, and Spanish, he is based in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado and frequently visits family back in Poland and Colombia. He has led Putney programs in Peru.