Ady Manral is an experienced professional with a passion for education and serving international communities. Currently the Alumni Relations Manager for Woodstock School in India, Ady began his career in advertising as a young executive and developed skills in marketing, branding, and public relations. Co-founding a music festival helped him further develop skills in fundraising and philanthropy. In recent years, Ady has been instrumental in launching a Nature Reserve where he worked as an assistant manager and co-founded an editorial website. Ady is also a singer-songwriter, with his last EP released in 2022. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and has explored the Himalayas extensively. Ady has led numerous high school student groups on week-long excursions and trips, and was part of a successful expedition to summit the peak Bandarpoonch (20600 FT) in the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India in 2011. Ady has led several programs for Putney Student Travel, including the Putney Service India program in 2016, Putney Service Nepal in 2017, Cultural Exploration Bhutan in 2018, and Cultural Exploration Bhutan in 2019.