Entering the final year of his master’s course at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Archie has notably acquired an acute understanding of post-colonial history. In his final dissertation, he comparatively studies French and British decolonization, in which he writes about the contemporary social consequences not only in France and the United Kingdom, but in those countries once victimized by colonialism, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Archie has spent a plethora of time in the Francophone world. He worked on a summer-holiday campsite in La Rochelle on the West Coast, while spending the following year in the South at Jean Jaurès University of Toulouse acquiring near-native French fluency. Moreover, Archie has previously led programs for high school students at home in the UK, where his Mountain Leader qualifications quickly came to fruition. He also captained his university first-team for soccer and is an avid fan of cricket.