While at the University of Cape Coast, Calvin focused on studying French, English, and religious studies. With a particular interest in languages, he embarked on a journey to Togo and Ivory Coast to immerse himself in the rich linguistic and cultural landscapes. After his enlightening experiences, Calvin returned to his alma mater in Ghana and to serve as a French teaching assistant for a year, a role that allowed him to share his knowledge and passion for the French language with students, fostering a love for learning, and cross-cultural exchange. Driven by a desire to create a significant impact, he joined the international NGO, AIESEC, as the director for social projects and global volunteers where he hosted several interns from various parts of the world, spearheaded various educational initiatives that emphasized learning French, and focused on rural library projects. He also empowered mothers in rural areas with disabled children with cleft lips, with the aim of breaking the stigma surrounding these children and promoting inclusivity. Seeking further academic and personal growth, he made the decision to pursue a M.A. in French studies at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. This new chapter allowed him to expand his knowledge and understanding of intercultural communication while honing his language skills and embracing new experiences. Calvin now lives in France where he works as an English language assistant facilitating language learning and fostering intercultural exchange for high school and middle school students. In the fall, Calvin will resume teaching in France and plans to focus on perfecting his spoken Mandarin, honing his guitar and music skills, and exploring his passion for photography.