A Peruvian-born doctor, anthropologist, explorer, and naturalist, Guido is currently an honorary visiting professor at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima. His award-winning graduate work focused on development of groundbreaking laboratory techniques demonstrating the existence of tuberculosis in mummy specimens from across the Americas. The author of numerous publications, he has conducted research and led many projects on paleocardiology, mummy studies, and autopsy techniques for decades. Guido speaks five languages, has visited 78 countries and territories, and discovered a new plant species in Cajamarca, Peru. In recent years, he has been leading a project to excavate and develop the archaeological site of the Petroglyphs of Huaycán, a significant archaeological complex outside of Lima. As a researcher, doctor, and active facilitator of community development and engagement in his home city of Huaycán, Guido’s work integrates prehispanic health practices and challenges with the social and medical realities of modern Peru. He is a corresponding member of the Colombian Society of History of Medicine, and serves as the Director of Research and Scientific Development of the Peruvian Health Heritage Board.