While at Allegheny College, Hillary focused on the intersection between environmental studies, human behavior, and international affairs. After graduating, she headed to Costa Rica and honed her skills in the field as a sustainability coordinator and science teacher for a private school. Pairing hands-on learning with work over the past nine years, and salsa-dancing through each country, she’s gained valuable skills on-the-ground in Italy, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and in Peru, where she managed a field station in the most biodiverse jungle in the world and hosted experiential learning trips for hundreds of “students” of all walks of life. Now, Hillary works as an international consultant, supporting more responsible sourcing of common products by protecting hotspots of biodiversity, such as tropical forests. Hillary is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Brazilian Portuguese. This summer, she will lead the Putney Exploration Italy & Greece trip, digging into her art history skills, as well as the Youth Summit on Climate, Equity & Health with a focus on environmental justice.