While at Temple University, Jessica lived in an international share house in the heart of Tokyo where she gained invaluable friendships and connections with people from all over the world including Australia, Poland, the UK, Canada, Japan, and more. She worked seasonally as a camp counselor in Niigata prefecture of Japan, an after school English teacher, and at the on-campus library. After graduating, Jessica explored various career roles. She worked at an International Preschool in central Tokyo, enjoyed a winter as a hotel staff in Hokkaido, taught English, and continued her seasonal camp counselor role. Jessica has enjoyed working in public Elementary Schools in Japan for five years. She significantly increased the enjoyment of language study while improving the school’s curriculum. Jessica is now working in Fukushima teaching English to adult overseas volunteers (in an organization similar to Peace Corps), helping to increase their ability to connect and engage with their future host country in Africa. Jessica is fluent in Japanese and has experience studying French and Spanish. Over the next year, Jessica is looking into returning to school and moving to a new-to-her country.