While at West Chester, Kristin focused on bringing engaging and hands-on science experiences into elementary classrooms. Since then she has taught in a variety of settings, from a cyber school in the suburbs to four different schools in urban Philadelphia. Kristin has helped her students participate in various activities such as camping, international excursions, lab studies with live animals, creating a school garden, and NASA’s SeaPerch robotics competition. This past school year, Kristin co-wrote science curriculum on urban heat islands in partnership with the Philadelphia Water Department and the Trust for Public Land. In 2022 she was a fellow at the University of Pennsylvania studying the sustainable sourcing and separation of rare earth materials. Outside the classroom, Kristin has volunteered with Students Run Philly Style for seven years, a nonprofit that mentors middle and high school students through long distance running. With her students she has completed five Broad Street 10-milers and three half marathons. Kristin is also an Inspiring Connections Outdoors Leader with Sierra Club, an active community organizer with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, and has co-led workshops on equitable and racially literate science instruction with the New Jersey Education Association. During her spare time Kristin enjoys foraging, backpacking, spending time with her many pets, practicing yoga, golfing, knitting, and experiencing a variety of diverse cultures. Kristin now works as a K-8 science enrichment teacher, helping to bring as much passion and enthusiasm for science and the outdoors as possible to kids in West Philly. This summer Kristin will finish her master’s program at the University of Connecticut. Kristin has been a facilitator for the Columbia Climate School in the Green Mountains and has led Putney’s Career Switzerland science program.