While at St. Lawrence University, Lanie focused on her Spanish studies and developed a strong interest in travel and European culture. She spent a semester in Madrid, Spain, where she discovered her passions for language and travel. After returning to St. Lawrence, Lanie continued to study Spanish and taught English as a foreign language. This experience led her to teach English online and later in person to Rwanda’s National Cycling team and a women’s sewing cooperative in Africa, along with a professor and a group of students from St. Lawrence. Lanie pursued her passion for language teaching and culture by moving to Madrid, Spain, where she currently teaches English. In her almost seven years living there, Lanie has explored the European continent through cultural exploration, hiking, and diving trips. She is fluent in Spanish and has an elementary proficiency in French. This fall, Lanie will return to Madrid to continue teaching English, as well as biology, chemistry, and physics. Additionally, she plans to train for a Mount Kilimanjaro hike in 2024.