Mafer is an adventure seeker, a global nomad, and passionate about environmental conservation, alternative education, and farming. Before starting university, Mafer took a gap year to volunteer in South Africa at an orphanage for HIV children and to practice her English. While in college, Mafer spent summers working with the Park Service in national parks such as Redwood National Park, where she learned about wildlife management, monitoring, and conservation. Upon completion of her studies, she worked for international NGOs focused on experiential education, citizen science, and environmental education in the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, the United States, and Chile, leading groups of different ages and backgrounds. Recently, she completed her master’s degree in agroecology and is working with ISARA on participatory research that has led to the development of an educational program in cocoa agroforestry in the Dominican Republic. Mafe’s native language is Spanish, and she is proficient in English and Portuguese.

When she is not working, you can find her making organic soaps, baking, farming, climbing, and bike packing somewhere in the world.