After finishing her undergraduate studies in Kentucky, Portia Watson moved to Thailand to pursue a Fulbright English Teaching Fellowship in Kalasin province. Upon completing her Fulbright year, she moved to the far north of Thailand to teach Shan Burmese youth for a local nonprofit organization. Inspired by her experiences, Portia returned to Kentucky to get her Master’s degree at the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce. Quickly realizing the traditional diplomatic route was not for her, she became involved in the field of refugee resettlement in Louisville. As a caseworker for newly resettled refugee families, and later as a Project Coordinator of the Human Rights and Development Foundation’s Chiang Mai branch, Portia continued her education on migrant rights and refugee issues. Portia has led student trips in Rwanda, Thailand, and Vietnam, and now works for Putney Student Travel full-time. She is fluent in Thai, and intermediate in Lao and Spanish.