As a student at the University of Michigan, Pras was originally pre-med but pivoted to economics and business during his sophomore year, graduating with class honors. After moving to New York City after graduation and working various TV production and interactive marketing positions, Pras attended Brooklyn Law School and received a Juris Doctor with a focus on entertainment and first amendment law. After graduation, Pras joined business network CNBC as a development executive, then moved into business news production at CNBC. Following a stint at CNBC, Pras eventually joined Yahoo Finance as a senior producer, and eventually lead editorial for its marquee closing bell show, The Final Round. While performing his senior producer role, Pras also started reporting on the automotive business for Yahoo Finance in 2016, attending trade shows, shareholder events, and interviewing executives. Pras eventually left his production role and reports exclusively now on the autos and mobility space.

In his free time, Pras enjoys cooking (and eating!), traveling, exploring the great outdoors, working out, and attending cars and coffee events whenever he can. Someday he will have a garage to work on his dream project car.