While at the University of Montana, Sarah focused on the intersection of language, Human Rights and environment. For two years, she was a contracted writer for Global Women Fresh, a network for women, by women that works to close the gender divide in the agriculture and fresh-food industries. As well as being published in international magazine Philanthropy Impact, she worked directly with UN leaders to promote the ITC’s SheTrades Initiative aimed at bolstering women entrepreneurs in the ag/fresh business. Her passion for story telling and fostering person-to-environment connections led her to co-direct the podcast Roots to Reason on Spotify, intern with environmental Camas Magazine, and work with authors Mark Sundeen and Latria Graham in her final year of study. After graduating, Sarah spent six months traveling in South America, investing in her intellectual and moral interests in natural building and permaculture as a Workaway volunteer in Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Fluent in Spanish, she then got a job surveying Puerto Rico’s National Historic Site with GAIA Environmental Consulting for whom she intermittently works. This fall, Sarah will be spending time on a few pet writing projects and doing the next right thing.