While at UCLA, Tòk studied abroad in Germany, and learned about the country’s relative advancements in environmental policy and decided upon this as a career trajectory, working thereafter with state and student leaders to defeat an oil-industry backed initiative to repeal California’s landmark climate law. Thereafter, Tòk worked on an organic farm and taught English in the Ecuadorian Andes, worked at a sustainable development NGO in Lagos, Nigeria, and at an environmental policy nonprofit in hometown of Sacramento, before returning to graduate school. During graduate school, Tòk studied the impacts of different organic management practices on greenhouse gas emissions using a field and lab techniques, and grounded it in knowledge of local farmer practices through conducting surveys during her M.A. Since Tòk’s Ph.D. focus in Environmental Justice, Tòk has influenced policy and given keynote talks about the importance of merging science with knowledge from those most impacted by decisions, and has begun a Research Institute focused on building just, sustainable systems; uplifting marginalized communities in the development and implementation of sound environmental and social policy; and enacting small-scale changes (e.g. interpersonal, educational, community, legislative) that shape larger societal transformations. Tòk is fluent in Spanish, proficient in German, and speaks a fair amount of French and Yoruba. Tòk is currently learning Portuguese and Arabic, and is also a musician.