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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to apply

    Step 1: Start an Application.

    If you are new to Putney Student Travel, visit our Online Application.

    If you are a Putney alumni family, use your existing account information to Log In.
    For an existing account Log In information, you can reset your password here.

    Step 2: Hold Your Space.

    In order to hold your space for a program, you must complete the Online Application Form, submit a signed Agreement Form, and provide a $700 payment, consisting of a $200 non-refundable Application Fee and a $500 Tuition Deposit. The $500 Tuition Deposit is applied toward your tuition. After March 15, we must receive full payment within five days of your initial $700 payment to hold a space in the program.

    Step 3: Complete Your Application.

    Before we can make a final admissions decision, you must submit your Personal Statement and two Teacher Reference Forms. These documents are available as part of our Online Application.

    Our Admissions Team will review your application within a few days of completion and notify you of the decision by email.


    What is included in the tuition?
    Find tuition information on our Admissions Details Page.

    What additional fees might I encounter?
    See detailed information about additional fees on our Admissions Details Page.

    Travel Logistics

    Once a student has been accepted on a Putney program we will provide detailed information about program-specific travel day logistics.

    How do I get to my program?
    Students on our international programs are expected to use the roundtrip, chaperoned group flight arranged by Putney, departing from a U.S. Gateway Airport to the program destination. The group flight cost is not included in the program tuition. Students who do not use the group flight will be charged a Travel Coordination Fee of $150. This fee does not apply to students who reside outside of the United States, and may be waived for late applicants for whom a seat on the group flight is not available. Students are responsible for all travel costs and arrangements to and from the U.S. Gateway Airport. Students on U.S.-based Putney programs are responsible for making arrangements to arrive at the program destination at the designated time.

    What is a group flight?
    Putney organizes and reserves blocks of seats for students and leaders on a round-trip flight from a U.S. Gateway Airport to and from international program destinations. A leader or Putney flight escort meets students at the U.S. Gateway Airport and travels with them to and from the program destination. Some programs also have internal flights arranged by Putney. International and internal airfares are not included in our program tuitions.

    Do I have to travel on the Putney-arranged group flight?
    While the vast majority of students travel on the group flight, you may choose to make alternate travel plans if it makes sense for your family. If you choose to make your own travel arrangements, we will add a $150 Travel Coordination Fee to your invoice. Before making any alternate travel plans, please contact our office first to ensure that the timing of your arrival and/or departure (at the U.S. Gateway Airport and/or program destination) falls within the designated window of time that we can accommodate your travel. If your arrival or departure falls outside of the designated window, you will be charged an additional Transportation Arrangement Fee of a minimum of $150.

    What are the flight details and cost?
    Please contact our office by phone or email for group flight information and cost.

    What documents do I need to travel?
    To travel internationally, you must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after your program return date. In addition, you may need a visa depending on your nationality and the country or countries you are visiting. For countries requiring a visa from U.S. travelers, we will provide you with information necessary to help you apply for and obtain a visa upon acceptance of your application. Non-U.S. citizens must check local visa requirements, including requirements for countries passed through in transit. For U.S.-based programs, we recommend bringing a school I.D., driver’s license, or other form of identification.

    Health & Safety

    What vaccinations are recommended?
    We recommend that you consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and your healthcare provider to make the right decision for your family. Once a student has been accepted on a Putney program, we will provide detailed information on general wellness for travelers and recommendations from the CDC for travel to your destination.

    How do I stay healthy during the program?
    The best way to stay healthy during your program is to start your trip well-rested and to pay attention to your eating, sleep, and hygiene habits while traveling. Our leaders provide guidelines on hygiene and how to stay healthy during the program.

    What if I get sick on my program?
    Adjusting to the differences in food, climate, etc. can take a little time. It is important to be open and tell your leaders about any physical discomfort you may be experiencing. For any situation that we feel requires professional medical attention, leaders take students to a nearby clinic or hospital. Health decisions are made as a team based on input from the student, parents, leaders, and our home office in Vermont. In the event of serious illness or injury, International SOS, a leading provider of international medical emergency services, is available to provide consultation and emergency medical evacuation services for destinations outside of the United States or Europe. All students are required to carry their own medical insurance.

    What if I have specific dietary or medical needs?
    We are able to accommodate many medical and dietary needs. Please contact our office to discuss your specific situation before applying.

    What are your safety protocols?
    At Putney Student Travel, we take students’ safety and health very seriously. Since 1951 we have delivered active, educational, safe, meaningful, and fun programs. We maintain close relationships with the communities we visit and have strong networks of in-country contacts. Our leaders are well-traveled and trained in first aid and CPR. They are able to teach students how to be safe and responsible travelers. In the event of serious illness or injury, International SOS, a leading provider of international medical emergency services, is available to provide consultation and emergency medical evacuation services for destinations outside of the United States or Europe.

    What are the rules?
    We expect our students to maintain high standards of personal behavior. We impose very few rules other than those designed to ensure that students can live in a safe, friendly, and constructive environment. Instead, we support an open atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and consideration. Since students are encouraged, within the context of our programs, to take leadership roles and to make some of their own discoveries, students whose parents require them to be under constant surveillance or who are likely to act irresponsibly, use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or behave in a disruptive manner, should not apply. Any student whose attitude or behavior is in violation of our rules or is otherwise prejudicial to the maintenance of standards or to the successful operation of our program will be dismissed from the program at our sole discretion and travel home at his or her parents’ expense.

    Our Students

    Where are most Putney students from? What will my fellow students be like?
    Putney students come from all over the United States and from many international countries as well. Our students are enthusiastic, engaged, and excited to learn new skills and make new friends. The dynamics of our programs and unique shared experiences help build close, lasting friendships and a strong community spirit within each group.

    Can I speak to Putney Student Travel alumni about their experience?
    Absolutely! Please contact us anytime and we would be happy to put you in touch with a Putney student who traveled on a particular program or is from your hometown.

    Our Leaders

    What are the qualifications of your leaders?
    Putney Student Travel leaders are dedicated educators with extensive experience traveling and working with young people. All Putney leaders are college graduates and many hold graduate degrees as well. All leaders also hold basic First Aid and CPR certifications. In addition to their formal education and professional experience, Putney leaders are role models who teach students how to be safe and responsible travelers and inspire them to explore their interests and make their own discoveries. To learn more about our leaders click here. To read bios of our leaders click here.


    Are students allowed to bring cell phones?
    Mobile phones, smartphones, iPods, and similar electronic communication devices are allowed. However, because they can draw your focus outside the group and interfere with efforts to develop a sense of community, we strongly discourage their regular use. We encourage students to engage with fellow group members and leaders in an effort to be fully present in the experience and community of the program. Phone usage is at the discretion of your leaders, who will set appropriate times to communicate with home.

    Will there be group updates from Putney Student Travel?
    Our leaders and students keep a program blog where they post updates and photos of the group’s travels once or twice each week.

    How do we communicate during an emergency?
    Our home office in Vermont can be reached 24 hours a day during the summer months and our leaders travel with local cell phones. For absolutely essential communication, families can call our emergency line and we can reach leaders in the field.

    Custom School Groups

    Does Putney offer custom trips for school groups?
    Yes, please click here for more information.


    Does Putney offer scholarships?
    Yes, please click here for more information.

    At Putney we take pride in our reputation for careful, thorough planning and attention to detail. The descriptions of our programs are based on our experiences in previous summers and our plans for this summer. It is inevitable that some things described here will not happen exactly as presented. To get the most out of the Putney experience, participants need to be flexible in responding to unforeseen situations, and creative in taking advantage of unexpected opportunities. We expect Putney participants to share responsibility for the success of their experience.

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    Learn more about the application process on our Admissions Details page.  For specific tuition costs, please review dates & tuitions. To request a catalog, click here!

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