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Join Putney Student Travel on a middle school summer program, and immerse yourself in language learning, service, or cultural exploration. Students in grades six, seven, and eight are uniquely poised for group travel experiences that offer plenty of support and structure, yet don’t stifle their emerging independence: It’s an ideal age for a student to begin to develop an interest in cultural fluency and global stewardship. These first trips abroad without parents spark curiosity and build confidence, and our low student-to-teacher ratio promises personal attention in a program that’s structured, safe, and fun.

Middle School Travel
Adventure Travel and Cultural Immersion for Middle School Students

Choose a Putney middle school program with the mix of travel experiences that interest you. Our summer travel abroad offers the middle school student unique opportunities for language enrichment and experiential learning through adventure. Immersive experiences allow you to develop connections to your host community and culture far beyond what a typical tourist itinerary can offer.

Examples of Travel Experiences for Middle School Students

  • Go camping in a national park in your destination country
  • Join a ceramics class with traditional artists
  • Sleep under the stars on a remote beach
  • Celebrate a local harvest festival and participate in traditional song and dance
  • Practice speaking Spanish in an informal setting while you interact with locals
  • Soak up the culture in Europe’s great cities and institutions
  • Surf, kayak, ride horseback, or go whitewater rafting
  • Soar high above a rainforest canopy on a zip line
Service Learning
Hands-On Learning Through Community Service

Many of our summer travel programs offer middle school students the chance to participate in a community service project in the destination country. Students work with locals to complete a project that improves the community, while forming meaningful new friendships and emerging as more informed global citizens.

Hands-On Learning Through Community Service

  • Learn how to mix cement or paint a building
  • Participate in the local harvest
  • Teach English to local children or organize a summer camp for them
  • Help renovate a community center
Independent Projects
Take on an Independent Project

Some of our Middle School Summer Programs include opportunities for enrichment through an independent project in a topical area of interest. This project allows you to cultivate your knowledge in ways that reach beyond what you might learn in a conventional classroom setting.

Examples of Independent Projects

  • Learn how to prepare local cuisine
  • Design and paint a mural at a local school
  • Interview local girls and women about gender roles in their culture
  • Organize an event to help with local reforestation efforts
Our Leaders
Outstanding Leadership in a Structured Setting

Our middle school summer travel programs are led by caring and experienced professionals who understand the sensibilities of the young adolescent. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, transitioning out of summer camp, or leaving home for the first time, our Middle School programs offer a safe and structured experience abroad. Our leaders foster a supportive group dynamic, facilitate positive interactions with local people, and create plentiful opportunities for exploration and discovery. A low student-to-leader ratio ensures that students receive the personal attention they need in the context of a program that is structured, safe, and fun. Through outdoor adventures, cultural immersion, and team-building exercises, middle school students develop into seasoned Putney travelers. Click here to meet our leaders.


Exceptional Leadership

A low student-to-leader ratio ensures that students receive the personal attention they need in the context of a program that is structured, safe, and fun.


Individual Growth

The structure of our middle school programs encourages curiosity, exploration, and discovery under the guidance of caring, experienced leaders. These first travel experiences build confidence and self-growth.


Meaningful Relationships

Students work with local people to complete a project chosen by the community, while forming meaningful new friendships and emerging as more informed global citizens.

“Harper came home feeling more independent and confident than she had ever felt before.”

— Ashley & Chay H., Highland Village, TX

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