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Safety & Risk Management

For seven decades, Putney has brought student travelers all over the world and returned them safely to their families. A commitment to safety is the bedrock of our program operations and has been the key to our success as international educators. The full-time Putney Team, led by Directors Olivia Shumlin and Becca Shumlin, is large enough to operate incredible programs all over the world, yet small enough to allow that every student and family receives a high level of support.

Program Setup

We offer programs only in locations found to be stable and suitable, with infrastructure and services in place to handle urgent situations that might realistically arise. Our vetting process includes making site visits, monitoring locations, reviewing safety records, and much more.

An Inclusive Environment

Our programs are based on principles of inclusivity and respect. We do not tolerate bullying and will act quickly and decisively to safeguard both the physical and emotional safety of our students. We celebrate diversity on our programs and expect the same of our students.

Teaching Safety to Our Students

Learning to be a good traveler means being mindful of conditions in unfamiliar surroundings and taking appropriate precautions, an approach we teach to our students. In addition, students on our programs agree to follow our rules and high expectations of behavior.

Open Lines of Communication

We maintain open lines of communication with parents, students, and leaders. While programs are underway, parents and leaders can reach us by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the duration of the program.


Our leaders are certified in CPR and First Aid and have backgrounds that include significant experience working with young people in and out of the classroom. We hire and train only the best international educators—those who demonstrate high levels of maturity, judgment, and expertise.

Emergency Support

Students on our programs are covered for emergencies by one of the world’s leading evacuation plans. In the unlikely event that a student needs to be evacuated for medical or safety reasons, they will be supported by our professional travel medical and security service.

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