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Olivia Shumlin
While at Brown, Olivia spent a semester studying anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. Before joining Putney, Olivia lived in Brooklyn and worked...
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Becca Shumlin
While at Eugene Lang College in New York City, Becca studied nonfiction writing with an additional focus on digital media studies. As a high school student,...
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Peter Shumlin
Peter has co-directed Putney with his brother Jeff all of his working life. He was born into educational summers and has globe-trotted throughout Europe,...
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Jeffrey Shumlin
Jeff first traveled on his own to Guatemala when he was nine years old to spend the summer on a coffee plantation. Travel has been the primary focus of...
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Program Directors
Andrew Manzella
Originally from Buffalo, New York, Andrew has traveled extensively in Costa Rica and first led the middle school service program there in 2017. He has...
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Ansley Rubinstein
While at Harvard, Ansley focused on modern Arabic literature and spent time in Jordan and Egypt. For three summers, she wrote for the internationally-published...
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Avery Stern
A Philly native, Avery started traveling internationally before her first birthday. From the beaches of Mexico to Egyption deserts and New Zealand’s Southern...
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Devon Swinburne
Born and raised in Vermont, Devon has spent much of the last 12 years traveling around the world. After getting her degree at Portland State University...
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Ed Thanhouser
Ed began traveling to Japan from his home in Portland, Oregon, when just 11 years old and it’s safe to say he is still captivated by Japan today. Ed has...
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Emma Smith
Emma’s love of language, literature, and food have drawn her to travel since she was young. Though the pandemic stunted her study abroad plans, she seized...
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Evan Overton
Hailing from Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Evan developed a zest for outdoor adventure as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout. His middle school Spanish classes then...
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Gregorio Rojas G
Gregorio credits his passion for travel to his parents, who took him on fishing trips to Colombia’s Pacific Coast. As an undergraduate, Gregorio focused...
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Hannah Gilkenson
Before joining Putney, Hannah spent six years studying the social behavior of monkeys and managing a field station in northwestern Costa Rica. She has...
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John Linsley
John’s love of travel is rooted in his high school experience as an exchange student in Germany and his undergraduate semester abroad in Kenya. His work...
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John Ralston
While at Parsons, John studied contemporary art and was actively engaged in making photographs and videos that investigated storytelling. His visual work...
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Julian Hartmann-Russell
Julian’s passion for travel started at age 13, when he began an ongoing cultural exchange with a family in France. After studying in Montreal and traveling...
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Juliana Gutierrez G
Going to the Amazon in the tenth grade helped Juliana discover her passion for travel. Since then, she has focused her studies in social and innovative...
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Katie Bourque
A lifelong Vermonter, Katie’s love of travel and language learning began in middle school, when she was introduced to a French pen pal. This connection...
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Mackenzie Grapes
Mackenzie had her first experience abroad at 19, studying biodiversity in the rainforests of Equatorial Guinea, Africa. With an adventurous spirit and...
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Micah Sewell
Hailing from Montana, Micah developed field science travel programs for teachers and students before coming to Putney. He has worked as a bike guide, a...
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Mike Oster
Before joining the Putney team full-time, Mike worked as a marine science instructor and U.S. Coast Guard-licensed boat captain in California, Hawai’i,...
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Patrick Noyes
After living for five years in Spain, Patrick joined Putney 24 years ago as leader of a high school summer program in Spain. He spent five summers with...
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Portia Watson
After finishing her undergraduate studies in Kentucky, Portia headed to Thailand with a Fulbright grant to teach English in the rural northeast. After...
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Sylvie Littledale
Sylvie studied anthropology and Spanish at the University of Vermont, spending three semesters abroad in Spain, Argentina, and Hong Kong, as well as going...
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Admissions, Travel, & Finance
Debbie Derrig
Born in Townshend, VT and raised in Putney, Debbie has been a part of Putney’s Admissions/Registration team for the past 24 years. She also coordinates...
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Hannah Pittman
Hannah is Putney Student Travel’s main financial administrator. She grew up in Los Angeles and later attended UC Santa Cruz to pursue a degree in art history....
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Maggie Patari
Maggie has worked in the field of international education for nearly 15 years across several realms: higher ed, nonprofits, and high school student travel,...
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Rebekah Willey
Rebekah is part of Putney’s Travel Coordination team. She advises families on travel logistics such as planning connecting travel and students traveling...
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Renée McOwen
Renée is part of Putney’s Admissions team. A Vermont native, Renée loves to be outdoors and enjoy the seasons with her family. In her free time, Renée...
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Ryan Storm
Ryan is part of Putney’s Admissions and Registration team. Growing up everywhere between Arizona and London, he settled into life in New England five years...
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Marketing & Outreach
Kevin Weidner
A native of the great Midwest, a graduate student sojourner in the American South, and current denizen of New England, Kevin has road-tripped all over...
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Kiki Baxter
Kiki credits her passion for travel to her grandparents who brought her along on many adventures growing up. Before joining Putney’s marketing team, Kiki...
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Felicia Tempesta
Felicia is the dynamic and innovative Creative Director at Putney Student Travel and has been instrumental in shaping our brand’s identity and driving...
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