Putney Adventures: Travel Highlight from New England

    This highlight comes from our 2018 Discover Putney: New England program. * * * Greetings from Little River State Park! The first three days of our journey have been packed full of adventure and exploration. Waking up in Putney was our first chance to show off our... read more

    A Day of History: Travel Highlight from France

    This highlight comes from our 2018 Language Learning France program. * * * Dear friends and family, What an amazing day! We spent the entire day on the road, visiting two of France’s (and arguably, Europe’s) most significant historic sites: Le Mont... read more

    Mountains Aplenty: Travel Highlight from Switzerland

    On Monday, we took a gondola up the mountain that our hotel is on. At the top, there was a small pen with alpacas and goats. The view of all the mountains, valleys, and clouds was beautiful! After taking pictures, we started the hike down the mountain. We stopped at a... read more

    Amanda’s College Essay: Change Begins Within

    Amanda M. traveled last year on Putney’s Community Service Peru program. Putney students are often impacted profoundly by their experiences around the globe. In her college essay below, Amanda reflects on how her summer experience in Peru changed her and... read more

    Adam’s College Essay: Defining Success

    Adam H. traveled with Putney last summer on our Community Service Ecuador & the Galápagos program. Every summer we are so heartened at the impacts Putney programs have on our wonderful students. The Putney family is full of intelligent, creative, and thoughtful... read more

    Charlie’s College Essay: Excitement of the Unexpected

    Charlie B. traveled on Putney’s Community Service Fiji program last summer. The experience of departing from one’s comfort zone leaves an amazing range of impressions on students—often students come away from Putney summer programs with a new realization... read more

    Abigail’s College Essay: Seeking Difference

    Abigail Y. traveled with Putney last summer on our Language Learning France program, and the summer before that participated in Pre-College at Amherst College. The Putney experience is often profound for our students—by leaving their comfort zones, experiencing... read more

    5 of Our Favorite Travel Quotes

    The Putney Barn is full of adventurous and curious travelers, biologists, anthropologists, zoologists, and more—all of whom share a common passion for exploring the world, for cultural diversity and understanding, and for sharing with students the joys and rewards of... read more