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    How To Apply

    Step 1: Start an Application.

    If you are new to Putney Student Travel, visit our Online Application.  If you are a Putney alumni family, use your existing account information to Log In. For an existing account Log In information, you can reset your password here.

    Step 2: Hold Your Space.

    In order to hold your space for a program, you must complete the Online Application Form, submit a signed Agreement Form, and provide a $700 payment, consisting of a $200 non-refundable Application Fee and a $500 Tuition Deposit. The $500 Tuition Deposit is applied toward your tuition. After March 15, we must receive full payment within five days of your initial $700 payment to hold a space in the program.

    Step 3: Complete Your Application.

    Before we can make a final admissions decision, you must submit your Personal Statement and two Teacher Reference Forms. These documents are available as part of our Online Application.

    Our Admissions Team will review your application within a few days of completion and notify you of the decision by email.

    Admissions FAQ

    When should I apply?
    We have a rolling admissions process and will accept applicants until a program fills. Every year, however, we receive more applications than we are able to accept, so early applicants have the best chance of being accepted into their first choice program.

    Who is accepted?
    Applications are carefully reviewed by our Admissions Team and students are selected on the basis of their maturity, enthusiasm, motivation, and willingness to live and participate constructively in a supportive community environment.

    Putney Student Travel staff and leaders work with our students and families to foster a safe and supportive experience for all students regardless of their race, national origin, religion, sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

    What forms of payment do you accept?
    You may pay by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, or Discover) through our secure online system, by personal check, or by wire transfer. Our admissions staff is also available to take credit card information over the phone. Personal checks must be in U.S. dollars and must be drawn on a U.S. bank. Checks should be made payable to Putney Student Travel with the student’s name written on the memo line. Please note that a 2.75% convenience fee is added to payments made by credit card, but is waived for the initial $700 payment. Please contact us for bank details if you prefer to pay by wire transfer.

    What if I need to withdraw my application?
    The $200 Application Fee is non-refundable.  If you withdraw an application on or before March 15, any payments made through that date, less the $200 Application Fee, are fully refunded. If you withdraw an application after March 15, all payments are forfeited. Withdrawals are effective on the date that Putney Student Travel receives written notification.

    What happens if I am not accepted?
    If an application is not accepted or if space is not available in the program listed as first choice, all payments, including the Application Fee, are refunded in full.

    Do you have a wait list?
    Students who wish to hold a space on a waitlist for a program that is currently full must complete the Online Application Form, submit a signed Agreement Form, and provide a $700 payment, consisting of a $200 Application Fee and a $500 Tuition Deposit. The $700 payment is fully refunded if space does not become available or if the application is withdrawn prior to a space becoming available.

    Who follows up with my teacher references?
    Students are responsible for following up with teachers to ensure that they have sent completed reference forms to Putney Student Travel. Students can check to see if we have received their teacher references by logging into their Putney application and online portal.

    How long do I have to complete my application?
    Before March 15, Putney Student Travel will temporarily hold a space for a reasonable amount of time upon receipt of a completed Online Application Form, a signed Agreement Form, and the $700 payment. The application is considered incomplete and cannot be considered for admission until we have also received a completed Personal Statement and two completed Teacher Reference Forms. If the application is not completed within a reasonable amount of time, we will consider it withdrawn and the applicant’s temporarily held space will be released. After March 15, we must receive full payment within five days of your initial $700 payment to hold a space in the program or the application will be considered withdrawn and the $700 payment will be forfeited.

    When is final payment due?
    For students accepted before March 15, final payment of the full tuition, airfare, and any associated fees is due on March 15. For students applying after March 15, full payment of the tuition, airfare and any associated fees is due within 5 days of your application. Putney Student Travel reserves the right to revoke an applicant’s acceptance if timely payment is not received. No refunds are provided in this circumstance.

    Do you offer travel insurance?
    We offer an optional Tuition Refund Plan which provides for a tuition refund if a participant is forced to withdraw from a Putney program as a result of serious illness or injury. We strongly encourage parents to protect their investment by purchasing the Tuition Refund Plan detailed on their final invoice. The Tuition Refund Plan must be purchased at the time of payment of the full tuition. For a full description of Putney’s Tuition Refund Plan, please review your Invoice Details.

    What is included in the tuition?
    Tuition for PST programs (except for Pre-College programs as set out below) covers all day-to-day expenses including three meals each day, lodging, entertainment, excursions, any theatre and concert tickets, entry fees, bike and boat rentals, ski passes and equipment rental, tips, and all ground transportation during the program, including trains, buses and taxis. Tuition does not include the $200 Application Fee, international or internal airfare, baggage fees, visa and entry/exit fees, laundry, communication home, health care, gifts, snacks, or other personal expenses.

    Tuition for Pre-College Programs includes all accommodations, two meals each day (three meals at Pre-College Amherst), instruction, use of campus facilities, transportation during the program, entrance fees to museums and cultural sites, field excursions, guest lectures, social events, taxes, and tips. Tuition does not include the $200 Application Fee, transportation to and from the program destination, classroom supplies, art materials, some optional afternoon and evening activities, laundry, communication home, health care, gifts, other personal expenses, or the optional supplemental activities, trips, and fees listed below under Program Specific Supplemental Fees.


    What additional fees might I encounter?

    Application Fee • $200

    Group Flight Opt Out Fee  A fee of $150 will be assessed if you choose to book your own airfare instead of traveling on our pre-arranged group flight. This fee does not apply to students who reside outside of the United States, and may be waived for late applicants if a seat on the group flight is not available.

    Travel Coordination Fee A minimum fee of $150 is assessed when students require special travel arrangements. Please see details below.

    Arrival to or Departure from the U.S. Gateway Airport: If your arrival to or departure from the U.S. Gateway Airport falls outside of the designated window(s) we have indicated on the Travel Information document for your program AND you miss the group flight and/or your connection because of this, you will be charged a minimum of $150 to cover the cost of our staffing and logistical support.

    Arrival to or Departure from the Program Destination: If your arrival to or departure from the program destination falls outside of the designated window(s) requiring special coordination from our staff, you will be charged a minimum of $150.

    Unaccompanied Minor Fee • $150 fee if your child flies as an Unaccompanied Minor to/from the U.S. Gateway Airport or program destination. Many major airlines have policies that require students under a certain age who are flying independently to register as an “Unaccompanied Minor.” Please note that registering with the airline as an “Unaccompanied Minor” often incurs a fee in addition to your ticket cost, and requires you to be escorted at all times (between security, departure/arrival gates, and connecting flights) when you are not with your leader(s) and group. Putney Student Travel provides staff and logistical support when these students arrive and depart from the U.S. Gateway Airport or program destination for an additional $150 fee each way.

    Program-Specific Supplemental Fees
    • Excursion: Montreal (Amherst): $390
    • Excursion: Cape Cod (Amherst): $390
    • Excursion: Weekend Break (Amherst 6-week): $390
    • Sports Clinic: Soccer (Amherst): $290
    • Sports Clinic: Tennis (Amherst): $390
    • Sports Clinic: Fitness Studio (Amherst): $100
    • Drawing & Painting (Amherst, London, Tokyo): $100
    • Photography (Amherst, London, Florence, Barcelona, Tokyo): $125
    • Photography (minor seminar) (Florence, Barcelona, Tokyo): $100
    • Film & Video (Amherst, Barcelona): $200
    • Film & Video (minor seminar) (Tokyo): $150
    • Architectural Design (Amherst): $100
    • Cuisine (Barcelona, Florence, Tokyo): $200

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