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You can hold a space in a program by completing the Online Application Form, submitting a signed Agreement Form, and providing the $700 Application Deposit by Mastercard, Visa, or Discover Card through our secure online system or by sending a check or money order to our office. Our admissions staff is also available to take credit card information over the phone. We will hold a space in a program for a reasonable time, pending completion of the full application process. See Step 3.

After March 15, we will hold a space temporarily, but we must receive full payment, as above, within five days to continue to hold a space in the program.


Before we can make a final admissions decision, an application must be complete. In addition to the Application Form, Agreement Form, and Application Deposit described above, a complete application includes:

  • A statement explaining why you would like to join a Putney program and what you feel you can contribute to it. Your application cannot be processed without this statement. Approximately 150–300 words is sufficient.
  • Two Teacher Reference Forms

These documents are available as part of our Online Application.  We review a completed application within a few days, and notify families of our admissions decision by e-mail.


Students completing 9th through 12th grade are eligible to participate in most Putney programs. Students completing 8th and 9th grade are eligible for separate units of the Language Learning programs in Spain and France, and for our

Community Service program in the Dominican Republic. Middle School Costa Rica and Middle School France & Holland are specifically designed for students completing 6th through 8th grade, and Middle School Spain is for students completing 7th through 8th grade.

Group Composition:

Community Service, Language Learning, and Cultural Exploration programs are generally limited to 16 to 18 participants and 2 leaders. International Pre-College programs have from 30 to 70 participants and a staff of 6 to 14, and domestic Pre-College programs have 60 to 100 participants with a staff of 15 to 25. Middle School Spain and France & Holland have 16 to 18 participants and 2 leaders while Middle School Costa Rica has 30 to 40 students, with a staff of 6 to 8. The dynamics

of our special programs and the unique experiences shared stimulate close, lasting friendships and a strong community spirit within each group. About half of our students are relatives or close friends of alumni or alumni parents.

Application Process and Terms of Payment:

Applications must be submitted online at

There is no application deadline, but since each year we receive more applications than we are able to accept, early applicants have the best chance of being accepted into their first choice program and/or courses. Applications are carefully reviewed by our Admissions Committee and students are selected on the basis of their maturity, enthusiasm, motivation, and willingness to live and participate constructively in a supportive community environment.

Applications received by PST or before March 15:

PST will temporarily reserve space for an applicant in a particular program/course upon receipt of the Online Application Form, $700 Application Deposit, and signed Agreement Form. An applicant’s file is not complete and cannot be considered for admission until we have received a completed application which consists of the Online Application Form, signed Agreement Form, Application Deposit, Applicant Statement, and two completed Teacher Reference Forms. The required Applicant Statement is described in the online application. Applicants may e-mail their teacher references directly to their teachers through our online system. We make our best effort to act on each application within one to two days of the date when the application is complete.

Applicants are responsible for following up with teachers to ensure that they have sent completed reference forms to PST. The most common reason for a delay in processing an application is that we have not received the required references.

An application, which is initiated by sending PST an Online Application Form, signed Agreement Form, and Application Deposit, must be completed within a reasonable time by submitting the additional required items or the application will be considered withdrawn and the applicant’s temporarily held space will be released.

The required $700 Application Deposit is credited to the total tuition fee for accepted students. If an application is not accepted or if space is not available in the program listed as first choice, the Application Deposit is refunded in full. If an application is withdrawn on or before March 15th, $500 of the Application Deposit is refunded. If an application is withdrawn after March 15th, the full Application Deposit is forfeited. Withdrawals are effective on the date that PST receives written notification.

Final payment of the full tuition and airfare payment is due on March 15th. All tuition (exclusive of the Application Deposit as set out above) and airfare payments received on or before March 15th are fully refundable through that date. No refund will be made after March 15th of any Application Deposit, tuition, or airfare payment.

Payment of the $700 Application Deposit may be made by check, credit card, or wire transfer. Checks must be in U.S. Dollars and must be drawn on a U.S. bank. Please make checks payable to Putney Student Travel and write the student’s name clearly on the check. For payment by wire transfer, please consult our office for wiring information.

PST reserves the right to revoke an applicant’s acceptance if timely payment is not received. No refund of the Application Deposit or other payments to date is provided in this circumstance. Applicants should consider purchasing the Putney Tuition Refund Plan (see below), or commercial travel insurance that matches their specific needs.

Applications received by Putney after March 15:

Applications after March 15 are handled on an expedited basis initiated by completing the Online Application Form, providing online credit card payment of the $700 Application Deposit, and sending PST by fax or email a signed copy of the Agreement Form. PST will temporarily reserve space for an applicant in a particular program/course upon receipt of these three items. The $700 Application Deposit is credited to the total tuition fee. PST must receive the full amount of the tuition and airfare payment by check, credit card, or wire transfer within five days of the date of PST’s receipt of the Application Deposit or the application will be considered withdrawn and the Application Deposit will be forfeited. If an application is not accepted or if space is not available in the program listed as first choice, all payments will be refunded in full. If an applicant withdraws his/her application for any reason, the Application Deposit and all other payments will be forfeited.

Wait-listed Applications:

Wait-listed applications must include the $700 Application Deposit, which is fully refunded if space does not become available or if the application is withdrawn prior to acceptance. A wait-listed application must be complete to be considered for acceptance.

Note on Fees:

Changes in foreign currency valuations and other items can necessitate small changes in our fees. PST fees, therefore, are subject to change.

PST reserves the right to alter or cancel any of its programs, and to alter or cancel courses of study and/or activities and/or excursions. We are not responsible for costs incurred in preparing for a program that is canceled.

Tuition Refund Plan:

The vast majority of a PST tuition is based upon the total cost of programming divided by the total number of participants rather than a per person, per day calculation. Should a participant have to withdraw because of serious illness or injury prior to departure, the financial loss is substantial. As a result, we offer the optional Putney Tuition Refund Plan which provides for a complete tuition refund if a participant is forced to cancel for these reasons.

PST will forward you information about the Tuition Refund Plan with your final invoice. Travel insurance policies with a wide variety of coverages are available from specialized insurance companies.


We expect Putney participants to maintain high standards of personal behavior. Since they are encouraged, within the context of our programs, to take leadership roles and to make some of their own discoveries, students whose parents require them to be under constant surveillance or who are likely to act irresponsibly, use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or behave in a disruptive manner, should not apply. Students who violate our few rules are subject to dismissal at our sole discretion. Parents are responsible for making arrangements for, bearing the cost of, and providing supervision for dismissed students’ immediate travel home, even in situations that require extended international travel, and no refund of the program tuition is given. Students dismissed from programs will not receive credit for community service hours completed prior to their dismissal.

At Putney we take pride in our reputation for careful, thorough planning and attention to detail. The descriptions of our programs are based on our experiences in previous summers and our plans for this summer. It is inevitable that some things described here will not happen exactly as presented. To get the most out of the Putney experience,

participants need to be flexible in responding to unforeseen situations, and creative in taking advantage of unexpected opportunities. We expect Putney participants to share responsibility for the success of their experience.

What’s included in the tuition?

Tuition for PST programs (except for Pre-College programs as set out below) covers all day-to-day expenses including three meals each day, lodging, entertainment, excursions, theatre and concert tickets, entry fees, bike and boat rentals, ski passes and equipment rental, taxes, and tips. All transportation during the program is covered by the tuition, including trains, buses, and some in-country flights (see program descriptions for details). Tuition does not include laundry, communication home, health care, gifts, other personal expenses, and transportation to and from the program destination.

Tuition for Pre-College Programs includes all accommodations, two meals each day (three meals at Amherst and Shanghai), instruction, use of campus facilities, transportation during the program, entrance fees to museums and cultural sites, field excursions, guest lectures, social events, taxes, and tips. Tuition does not include transportation to and from the program destination, lunches (except in Amherst and Shanghai), classroom supplies, art materials, some optional afternoon and evening activities, laundry, communication home, health care, gifts, other personal expenses, or the optional supplemental activities, trips, and fees listed in the Supplemental Fees below.

PST arranges an escorted round-trip group flight at additional cost for each of our international programs, and some of our domestic programs. Depending on enrollment, PST may provide an escort for flights between two programs. For more information, please refer to Airfare Payment and Additional Transportation Information below.

All participants are required to have their own medical insurance.

What’s included in the Airfare Payment?

The airfare payment covers the cost of the escorted round-trip group flight. The airfare payment is based on the flight cost that the airline has quoted to us at the time of booking in the fall, and is subject to an increase (which we will pass along to you) if the airline or a government agency assesses additional fees prior to final ticketing. PST group tickets are non-refundable.


Excursion: Montreal (Amherst): $390

Excursion: Cape Cod (Amherst): $390

Excursion: Weekend Break (Amherst 6-week): $390

Sports Clinic: Soccer (Amherst): $260

Sports Clinic: Tennis (Amherst): $360

Sports Clinic: Dance (Amherst): $100

Sports Clinic: Fitness Studio (Amherst): $100

Digital Photography (Amherst): $150

Elements of Graphic Design (Amherst): $150

Filmmaking (Amherst): $250

SAT Preparation (Amherst): $599

ACT Preparation (Amherst): $599

Studio Art (Amherst): $150

Processing Fee for Students from Abroad (Amherst): $195

Cuisine (Barcelona, Florence): $250

Travel Photography (Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris, Florence, Shanghai): $150

Additional Transportation Information

Transportation To and From Community Service, Cultural Exploration, International Pre-College, Language Learning, and Middle School Programs:

International and in-country airfares are not included in program tuitions. We have arranged for an escorted round-trip group flight for each of our international programs.  Each flight departs from and returns to a U.S. airport. When you are accepted to a program you will receive an invoice for the cost of the relevant flight.

Participants may make separate travel arrangements from the U.S. to their program’s international starting point and from the program’s ending point back to the U.S. Before booking separate travel arrangements, please contact us to insure that the timing of arrival/departure is feasible given the program’s itinerary.

Airlines require that we reserve space far in advance, but do not set a final price until shortly before departure when tickets are issued in each traveler’s name. Until the time individual tickets are issued, airlines reserve the right to increase fees (e.g. fuel surcharges) and additional government fees may be assessed. The airfares we quote to you represent the figure that the airline has given us when we booked in the fall, and is subject to an increase (which we will pass along to you) if the airline or a government agency assesses additional fees prior to final ticketing.

On all programs, parents are responsible for their children’s travel to and from the U.S. gateway airports.

Transportation To and From the Pre-College Program at Amherst College:

Amherst is approximately a three-hour drive from New York City and two hours from Boston. There is a public bus service to Amherst from both New York and Boston.  Bradley International Airport (BDL) in Hartford, Connecticut, is the nearest airport and is served by most major airlines. Pre-College staff will meet incoming students free of charge at the Amherst bus station, Amherst train station, and Bradley Airport the day each Pre-College session at Amherst begins, and return them to the airport for departing flights on the final day of the program.

Special Information for Students Traveling to the Pre-College at Amherst College From Abroad:

Participants traveling to the U.S. from abroad are responsible for obtaining any required visas. Due to the brief period of the program, international students should obtain a tourist visa, not a student visa, from the American Embassy or Consulate in their home country as required. Please consult us to see if there are other students traveling from your city, so that you may make plans to travel together. Pre-College Amherst staff will meet students traveling from abroad at JFK Airport (JFK) in New York or Logan Airport (BOS) in Boston, and transfer them to campus on the day the program begins, and transfer them back to those airports on the day the program ends.