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Youth Scholarship

Applying for a Scholarship

Scholarship opportunities are now available for the July 2024 Harvard Chan C-CHANGE Youth Summit on Climate, Equity, & Health. The scholarship program provides full and partial need-based scholarships for underrepresented students to gain knowledge and build skills to become a part of  the next generation of climate and public health leaders.

Scholarship Eligibility

Students who meet the following eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply for a scholarship:

A complete application consists of:

1. Completed Scholarship Application

Complete the Harvard Chan C-CHANGE Youth Summit Scholarship Application  online by March 15, 2024 

2. One Teacher Reference

One completed educator reference submitted digitally through this Google Form. Reference must be submitted by March 15, 2024.


3. Financial Documents

Copy of parents’ or guardians’ most recent federal tax returns (fiscal year 2022 or 2023) Form 1040 and/or verification of non-taxable income (social security income, disability benefits, TANF, child support, etc.). Financial documentation from all contributing households is required. This portion of the application must be received by March 15, 2024 and sent by post mail to:

Putney Open Door Fund
345 Hickory Ridge Road
Putney, VT 05346

If you have any questions about the scholarship application process, please contact us at


Applications must be received by March 15, 2024. An application is considered incomplete until we have received all required forms and documents.

Eligibility Requirements

Student must be a current resident of the United States (international students, including U.S. students living abroad, are not eligible to apply) and have a combined household income (adjusted gross income) of no more than the following income caps based on household size:

Full Scholarship Funding:

For each person in a household over 4 persons, we will increase the household income cap by $15,000.

Partial Scholarship Funding:

For each person in a household over 4 persons, we will increase the household income cap by $15,000.

To verify income eligibility, we request a recent copy of a parent or guardian’s tax return Form 1040, line 11, showing adjusted gross income. If this is not available, other financial documentation must be provided.

Please note: If your family’s income is over the eligibility guideline recommendations and you have extenuating circumstances that you would like the Selection Committee to consider, you will be able to include this information on the scholarship application. The Selection Committee will not require proof of financial eligibility; however, we remind applicants that these are need-based scholarships intended for underrepresented students and communities.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I submit my scholarship application by mail?

Yes, if you are unable to complete the digital application steps above, please call us at 802-387-5000. You will be required to submit all application documents by post mail.

What does the Applicant Statement require?
  • Within this online application, the applicant must submit an Applicant Statement of approximately 500 words that outlines:
    • •   The applicant’s passion for climate issues and/or public health and equity
    • •   A demonstrated interest in climate and/or public health advocacy
    • •   What the applicant hopes to gain from the experience
    • •   What the applicant feels they will contribute to a program and group of peers
What is the parent/guardian statement?
  • A parent/guardian statement is also requested within the online application, to explain the household’s financial obligations, need for financial support, and outlining the unique characteristics of the applicant that demonstrate how the student would benefit from and contribute to the Harvard Chan C-CHANGE Youth Summit (if the applicant is financially emancipated or serves as head of household, this can be completed by the applicant).
What is the Putney Student Travel Agreement Form?
  • All students awarded funding via the Harvard Chan C-CHANGE Youth Summit Scholarship Fund will be required to agree and sign this document along with their parent or guardian. The form is presented here for reference and completion is not required until after funding decisions are made. Please see the 2024 Putney Student Travel Agreement Form 
Who should I contact with questions?
  • If you have questions about the Harvard Chan C-CHANGE Youth Summit application process, please contact our Scholarship Coordinator,
Support This Program
Your support today will profoundly impact students’ lives. Gifts of any size are critical to the continued success of the Harvard Chan C-CHANGE Youth Scholarship. We rely on your generosity to provide these experiences. Please consider making a gift by following the link below. For more information, contact Skye Flanigan (
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