Holding a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from The Cooper Union, Sanjeev pursued his interests in renewable energy and green infrastructure systems during his time as an undergraduate student. For his study abroad program with the Agricultural University of Iceland, Sanjeev investigated the feasibility of utilizing geothermal energy as a means of heating outdoor gardens for the growth of seasonal vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes, and strawberries. In New York, he has also collaborated in the development of an urban live-in laboratory and built a model studio apartment that utilized closed-loop systems for food, waste, water, and energy. On a separate trip, Sanjeev also participated in the construction of a zero-waste, straw-insulated home with his host family in the Loire Valley, France. Previously, he has lived and taught students in Singapore, Vietnam, and India. Sanjeev is fluent in Hindi and Malayalam and currently works at his alma mater as Assistant Director of Admissions. This fall, he will be at Columbia University pursuing his Master of Science in Carbon Management. He is an avid biker and loves cooking with local and seasonal produce. He has previously led a high school travel program to Iceland with the Columbia Climate School.