In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Tokyo redefined its presence on the fashion scene with the emergence of street fashion. In this course, explore street fashion’s historical roots, and the political, social, and cultural factors that helped it take shape. Examine fashion’s role in constructing a uniquely Japanese identity as you visit key sites around the city to learn about how Japanese style draws from a wide array of both native and foreign influence. Discuss how trends are born and how they propagate differently in cultures around the world through media and association. Visit a historic, 200-year-old Kimono maker, and capture the latest on the streets of Harajuku. Get an introduction to traditional Japanese fabric techniques like shibori and sashiko from local garment makers, then, draw inspiration from Tokyo’s energy to create your own clothing design concepts. Readings and discussions about current issues such as sustainability, westernization, and disappearing traditional techniques will complement your visits to design studios and fashion events. For a final project, produce and present your own design portfolios, research a subject of your choice, or co-curate a group fashion show.