Putney’s Middle School Service Costa Rica students engage in immersive cultural experiences, adventure activities, and community service while exploring the country’s diverse ecosystems and wildlife.
We are thrilled to share the latest update on our students’ remarkable journey through Costa Rica. In this blog post, we’ll explore the diverse experiences they had in El Silencio, Monteverde, and Playa Hermosa. From meaningful community service to exhilarating adventures and cultural immersion, our students continue to embrace the richness of this beautiful country. Let’s delve into the exciting details!
Monteverde – Exploring the Cloud Forest and Community Engagement
Arrival in Monteverde:
Upon arriving in Monteverde, our students had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the charm and beauty of this remarkable town. They immersed themselves in the local culture, absorbing the unique atmosphere that makes Monteverde so special.
Hiking in the Cloud Forest:
The following day, the group embarked on a captivating hike through the enchanting cloud forest. Surrounded by lush greenery and diverse wildlife, they marveled at the wonders of nature while learning about the importance of preserving this precious ecosystem. The experience offered them a deeper understanding of Costa Rica’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
Reforestation Efforts and Community Engagement:
The group also had the privilege of joining hands with the Monteverde Institute in their reforestation efforts. By actively participating in these endeavors, they contributed to the conservation of Costa Rica’s natural resources, fostering a sense of stewardship for the environment. Alongside their service activities, they played games, relished delicious local cuisine, and explored the vibrant town of Monteverde.
El Silencio – Service Work and Cultural Immersion
Introduction to El Silencio:
Upon arriving in El Silencio, our group was greeted with warm hospitality and a welcome dinner party. They quickly settled into the village, immersing themselves in the local way of life and embracing the sense of community that permeates the air.
Meaningful Service Activities:
Driven by a desire to make a positive impact, our students engaged in various service projects. One student beautifully expressed their experience, saying, “Today was our first day of service in El Silencio. We woke up at around 7 AM and enjoyed the breakfast of plantains, eggs, and rice with beans. Then we started our first project: a new pathway for the community Church. First, we dug up the grass in the area. After a little lunch, we evened out the dirt. We then moved to our second project, which is building a fence for the soccer field. We started digging holes for the posts. After a long day of work, we played with our new friends from El Silencio, both human and dog.” Their heartfelt contributions and interactions with the villagers left a lasting impact on both sides.

Cultural Immersion and Friendships:
Our students dedicated themselves to service, they also had the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with the locals. They experienced the rich cultural heritage of El Silencio, fostering a deeper appreciation for the traditions and way of life in this close-knit community.


Playa Hermosa – Surfing, Wildlife Encounters, and Marine Adventures
Relaxation and Tortilla Lessons:

While some of their peers engaged in service activities, the students staying in Playa Hermosa enjoyed a day of relaxation. They enjoyed some time in the refreshing pool, partook in a delightful Tortilla lesson at Coco’s, and marveled at the breathtaking sunset over the Pacific ocean.

Surfing Lessons and Exploration:
The next day, the group embarked on an exhilarating surfing lesson in Playa Grande. They embraced the thrill of catching waves, building confidence, and connecting with the power of the ocean. After a well-deserved lunch at a local Soda, they took some time to rest and recharge before indulging in a delicious dinner at Coco’s.

Adventure and Nature Exploration:
The coming days in Playa Hermosa will be filled with captivating adventures. The students will embark on a hike around a volcano and will also visit a wild animal sanctuary, encountering unique species and learning about wildlife conservation efforts.

As our students immerse themselves in the remarkable experiences Costa Rica has to offer, they continue to grow, learn, and connect with the world around them. Through service work, thrilling adventures, and cultural immersion, they are broadening their horizons and gaining a deeper appreciation for the beauty of our planet.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts, as we share more updates on the inspiring service projects, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible encounters that await the group in El Silencio, Monteverde, and Playa Hermosa. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring their safety, well-being, and transformative experiences.

Warm regards,

Putney leaders
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