While studying marketing and advertising at Politecnico GranColombiano, Felipe led trips with companies like Off Bound Adventures, Opepa, Andares de Colombia, and Bluefields, as well as working at numerous summer camps with the Asociación Santa Cruz. Through these trips and camps, Felipe found his passion for helping youth learn about themselves through experiences outside of their day-to-day life. Seeking more opportunities like these, he landed in Canada, where he spent several years working as a whitewater canoe expedition guide and raft guide, and as an instructor with outdoor education companies in Ontario like Outward Bound Canada and ALIVE Outdoors. Ultimately he decided that the cold weather was not for him and returned home to Colombia for the winter and Canada for the rest of the year. He has now traveled and led Putney programs in Costa Rica, as well as other student trips to Peru, Ecuador and the Galápagos, Argentina, Panama, Canada, the U.S., Bolivia, Uruguay,  South Africa, and through Europe. His preferred method of traveling is definitely by bicycle, followed by canoe in the lakes and rivers of northern Ontario. Felipe is a native Spanish speaker and is fluent in English.