While at EAFIT, Francesca studied international business with a minor in international relations. As a student, she immersed herself in Colombian culture and fully acquired the Spanish language. She then began to teach and discovered her passion for education, and has worked with populations ranging from children up to adults and professionals. Having always been curious and loved traveling, Francesca has visited various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Most recently, Francesca led Putney’s Service Costa Rica program in 2022. Her love for creating inspired an entrepreneurial impulse; she has taken various courses on innovation and entrepreneurship, which she continues to pursue with a focus in the coffee sector. Francesca currently works as a Programs Coordinator for a nonprofit based in New York, with a purpose to empower immigrant youth in leadership. Francesca is fluent in English, Spanish, and proficient in Portuguese. This fall, she will continue to work on her entrepreneurial endeavors as well as continuing her work as a Programs Coordinator.