Before attending Cornell University, Lindsey took a gap year, during which they traveled to many countries including Fiji, where they interned at a shark conservation project for two months, and to South Africa, where they interned as a wildlife photographer. In college, they studied ecology, and did field work in the White Mountains of New Hampshire collecting data for their research on the diets of a migratory songbird. They also lived in Puerto Rico for one semester doing photography and videography for a nonprofit which distributes supplies and food to victims of natural disasters on the island. Now, Lindsey is the lab manager of a marine biology lab at Northeastern University, where they do research on climate change and marine ecosystems. They are also a professional photographer focusing on fashion photography and wildlife, and a Spanish tutor. Lindsey also is a violist and violinist, and has brought their viola to over 10 countries including Fiji, Kenya, and Taiwan.