Richard Harris has spent his career as a journalist reporting about science. For 35 years, he was a science correspondent at National Public Radio. He has traveled to all seven continents, reporting from the South Pole, the Galapagos Islands, Timbuktu (at the edge of the Sahara Desert), Beijing, Japan (in the wake of the 2011 tsunami and nuclear meltdowns), the heart of the Amazon rain forest, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Greenland, and even the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, where he traveled by minisub to examine the aftermath of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil-well blowout. Richard also wrote Rigor Mortis, a book about the challenges facing biomedical research, in particular why it is often difficult for one lab to confirm results reported by another. Richard has a BA in Biology from the University of California- Santa Cruz and started his career as a newspaper reporter in California, where he grew up. He has won many journalism awards for his work covering science, medicine, the environment and technology.