An explorer, experiential educator, and conservationist, Valerie first fell in love with travel while completing teachers college in Australia. Since then, Valerie has traveled the globe while completing teaching contracts and volunteering in countries such as Spain, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Ecuador, Colombia, and more. Her hope is to merge her love for travel with her love of teaching while inspiring young changemakers. During her many years abroad, Valerie developed an innate passion for ocean conservation and environmental activism. She has worked with several nonprofit organizations that are working toward a more sustainable and peaceful future. In addition, Valerie holds her PADI divemaster certification and recently worked as a conservation diver in the Great Barrier Reef; living and working on a research vessel out at sea for a collective of 80 days. Her travels and work have led her to summit the mountains of the Peruvian Andes, trek through the Amazonia, road trip across the Rockies, dive throughout the coral triangle, and much more. Valerie continues to be a lifelong student, always welcoming new adventures.