While at the University of Central Florida, Zulmaris focused on clinical psychology and teaching English as a foreign language. She has assisted in research focused on how language learning and bilingualism influence the brain. After completing her undergraduate degree, she spent three months traveling around Spain before permanently moving to Madrid, Spain, where she now teaches English at a bilingual primary school through the Spanish Ministry of Education. As a native Spanish speaker who learned English once entering primary school in the U.S., Zulmaris knows how important it is to be bilingual. She is passionate about teaching students the value of bilingualism; she constantly strives to help her students understand the importance of knowing and implementing more than one language in their day-to-day lives. In addition to Spain, Zulmaris has backpacked around a plethora of countries such as Mexico, Portugal, France, England, Turkey, and Lebanon. When she isn’t teaching or traveling, Zulmaris spends her free time in the art studio working on linocut prints, charcoal drawings, or shooting analog photography. Her passion for art follows her during her travels and she makes it a priority to visit at least one gallery or museum in every city she visits. This fall, Zulmaris will continue teaching English to primary students in Madrid, Spain to further enhance their bilingualism.