With an aging population and growing demand for automation in the workforce, robots are a major focus of tech and innovation in Japan. From staffing reception desks to vibrant 3-D displays,  robots and various innovative approaches to automation are on display everywhere in Tokyo. As the global headquarters for leading tech firms like Sony, Canon, Hitachi and more, Tokyo is a global leader in technology and innovation. Explore the most advanced city on the planet  through the lens of urban innovation and discovery, from high-tech toilets, dazzling digital art installations, ultra-fast trains, and robotic attendants. From eye-popping exhibits at teamLAB Planets to the fascinating world of remote robotic surgery, you’ll explore how technology is shaping Japan’s future. After gathering inspiration from the city, you’ll participate in creativity brainstorms, hands-on workshops, and discussions with ingenious creators as you take on the challenges of today with the technologies of the future.