While finishing her bachelor’s degree, Sondang led and ran cultural and community service trips in the Riau Islands, Indonesia for university students from America. She also had a three month internship in Japan. After graduating, she worked with an organization based in Bangkok, Thailand, leading outdoor/experiential education for international schools. She runs programs around Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and China, working with diverse groups of teams from different countries to create impactful and transformational growth through the programs. Before the pandemic, she went for a short study in the Netherlands, and during the pandemic as all the countries were closing and she could not work and travel, she started a social foundation that focused on helping the needs for food for people on the streets and in a village of a group of disabled people. She also taught English and soft skills she mastered through her experiences abroad to the kids in the orphanage to support and inspire them in learning and pursuing education. In early 2022, she lived and worked mostly in Thailand as a senior program manager for educational programs. She currently works with different organizations as a program manager or instructor for any outdoor/experiential education programs and she is looking forward to continuing to earn a master’s degree in education. Her passion is in education as a tool and her contribution is to create future generations who care for each other and their surroundings.